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Industries have been using hazardous gases treatment plans for decades but only a few among them have been able to curb the emission of gases completely. There are issues with the devices and equipment used for cleaning and then there are some serious complaints about leakage and flaws that decelerate the cleaning process. Cycle Therm has manufactured a special type of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer that eliminates leakages and utilizes high tech features to ensure greater efficiency. The best part of using these oxidizers from Cycle Therm is the fact that they are not just environmentally friendly but also great energy savers.

oxidizers work in unison with Cell Stone Ultra Ceramic, a special pressure drop media patented with Cycle Therm that ensures low pressure drops and better heat recovery. Cell Stone is used with oxidizers to maximize the efficiency while keeping the costs of running low and stable. Studies show that low pressure drops during heat regeneration use less electricity and gas and thus result in lower spending by industrial units. Many industries will prefer using RTO given this technology as they otherwise cannot afford spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on utility bills.

Cycle Therm offers a complete resource and guidelines on its website where industries looking for oxidizers can find plethora of information about every process involved in the deployment of RTO and Cell Stone. This website provides the main information portal where people can actually go through the whole simulation of oxidizers and on how they will enable them to curb their air pollution quotient. There are animated schematics of RTO along with operating cost calculator where people can enter process and combustion temperature along with solvent heating value and other specifications to gauge the total operating costs of RTO. This calculation is accompanied with graphs and technical details that can be used to ascertain the total spending on the assembly and setup of oxidizers.

Cycle Therm also offers other resources and guidelines that can be used in the planning process. Potential customers can also request additional information from Cycle Therm by filling in an online form that is available on the company website. They can add all the technical specifications on this form and the company will respond with detailed analysis of the procedures they should adopt and the estimated energy usage of oxidizers. This estimate will help them in planning the installation of oxidizers from Cycle Therm in a speedy manner and without any additional technical surveys.

An ideal approach of dealing with the installation of oxidizers entails a complete technical specification survey so as to ensure quick installation. Cycle Therm helps customers in completing these preliminary surveys and then assists them in selecting the oxidizers that best cater to their industrial needs. This dedicated approach has made Cycle Therm a preferred choice among industries that are looking for environment and energy efficient oxidizers. They can either go for the standard installation or can ask Cycle Therm to alter the specifications of oxidizers to boost energy efficiency. Cycle Therm will offer them the best pollution control equipment as per their needs.




Case Study: Titleist Golf Balls (PDF)
Titleist wanted to implement air correction systems for their golf ball paint and finish production lines in Massachusetts. See why they chose Cycle Therm.

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