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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, also known as RTO, is the standard equipment for controlling the emission of dangerous gases into the air. This equipment uses regenerative heat process to capture hazardous vapors produced during the industrial process while the heat generation breaks them down into their constituent elements. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer only allows water and carbon dioxide vapors to be effused during this process and effectively traps all other elements. Cycle Therm has manufactured a specialized Regenerative Thermal oxidizer and has also received an exclusive patent for this device.

This Regenerative Thermal oxidizer is different from other equipment in the sense that it is more compact and can be easily installed in any industrial unit without any difficulties. Cycle Therm has ensured the easy assembly of Regenerative Thermal oxidizer to a great extent and the system can sit flat on concrete pads as it does not have any legs. The system uses dedicated valves that are sealed to perfection. This means that there will be no chances of pressure spikes and contaminant bypass. These valves are tied to one camshaft and operate in unison, thus making the process completely independent and free from leakage.

Regenerative Thermal oxidizer uses electro-mechanical 4-way poppet valve system that can change frequency as the weather changes and do not accrue any moisture, given the tight seals. This also ensures lack of freezing pneumatic lines and cylinders and thus greater safety and sound performance throughout the year. This will also cut down the maintenance required as the tight seals will eliminate leakage and higher efficiency will result in better efficiency. Customers can simply go for the annual maintenance and checks of these equipments and thus avoid heavy expenditure or monthly and even weekly repairs that are a common fare if they use ordinary oxidizer valves.

Cycle Therm offers Regenerative Thermal oxidizer assembly with Cell Stone heat recovery media that ensures low pressure drops that ensures reduced usage of gas and electricity. Cycle Therm offers a complete setup procedure where industrial owners can ensure the maximum energy savings by implementing these heat recovery systems. A combination of heat regeneration and low pressure drop means that the system is working at its efficient best and those industrial owners will not have to spend huge amounts on electricity and gas bills.

Cycle Therm offers complete installation and assembly of Regenerative Thermal oxidizer and has made strides to make the process easier and quicker. The system can be easily assembled at any industrial unit though care should be taken to assemble it at the highest elevation of the plant to ensure maximum benefits. The system will immediately start working once the installation is complete. Cycle Therm offers additional services and guidelines in case of technical difficulties in installation or later maintenance. Additional industrial pollution controllers can also be installed with these devices. Customers can work with Cycle Therm to ensure a speedy assembly and 100% efficiency of these equipments. A dedicated approach towards installation is recommended because it will pay dividends at later stages.




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