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Thermal Oxidation

The primary function of thermal oxidation is to effectively destroy all contaminants present in the exhaust that is coming out of a process by using a thermal oxidizer. In a more technical term; thermal oxidation is simply a combustion process whereby contaminants that are within the polluted exhaust gas reacts with the oxygen in a temperature controlled environment in order to produce an oxidation reaction. You also need to know that this chemical reaction is what is known to reduce the pollutants in the exhaust gas into innocuous emission into the atmosphere.

The operation of thermal oxidization is simply based on the principle of combustion. Yes, the process of combustion is a typically used method in controlling emissions of organic compounds such as:

" Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) " Carbon monoxide (Co) " Hazardous air pollutants (HAP) " Organic Particulate Matter (PM) " Nitrogen Oxide (Nox) Cycle Therm is a company of high repute known for successfully "cleaning tomorrow's air today". This company is known for designing, manufacturing and for also installing regenerative oxidizers used for successfully destroying HAPs, VOCs and other odorous emissions.

For effective thermal oxidation process, combustion based systems are known as systems that are also capable of having a pretty high destruction effectiveness. Systems like these usually consist of burners which will ignite the fuel and of course pollutants, the system will also have a chamber, which will provide the right "residence time" for the combustion to take place. Don't know the meaning of combustion, huh? Combustion is known as a chemical process that arises from the fast combination with different elements or chemical compounds which results in the release of heat. Oxidation or incineration is also the term used for describing the process of combustion. What are the Various Types of Oxidizers? There are mainly four types of thermal oxidizers:

i. Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers (also sometimes referred to as "afterburner") ii. Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers iii. Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) iv. Flameless Thermal Oxidizers (FTOs) All of the aforementioned thermal oxidizers are known to operate on the same principle that was mentioned earlier on, which is promoting thermal oxidation reactions between the pollutant compounds present in the exhaust gas and available oxygen. Cycle Therm, provides top quality regenerative thermal oxidizers that are known as the "real deal". Cycle Therm is a company that presently holds seven regenerative thermal oxidizer-related patents (seven!!!) which have been successfully used world-wide (emphasis on the word "world-wide") for hundreds of applications.

Recuperative thermal oxidizers are mainly a direct fired thermal oxidizers with heat recovery specifically added at the discharge of the combustion chambers. This type of thermal oxidation system incorporates down stream heat recovery tools such as: " Waste heat recovery boilers " Gas to gas exchangers " Gas to liquid exchangers etc All the aforementioned equipment is used in order to maximize the thermal oxidation system's overall efficiency. The equipment used for down stream heat recovery is known to utilize the available heat produced within thermal oxidizer's chamber to: " Effectively produce steam " Reduce auxiliary fuel consumption " Heat a liquid stream " Heat a process air stream For the best result, choose a regenerative thermal oxidizer manufactured by Cycle Therm.




Case Study: Titleist Golf Balls (PDF)
Titleist wanted to implement air correction systems for their golf ball paint and finish production lines in Massachusetts. See why they chose Cycle Therm.

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