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Thermal Oxidizer

A thermal oxidizer is a unit that is used to effectively process the noxious gases that are emitted from industrial plants. How? The gases are oxidized using extremely high temperatures - that is, prior to their release into the earth's atmosphere. A thermal oxidizer are used in various industries and applications as well, this includes petroleum refineries, paper printing, and any other application that produces different types of pollutants such as: " VOC (volatile organic compound) " Nox (Nitrogen oxides) " And Carbon monoxide.

Oxidizers can be classified into two kinds based on their operation, catalytic oxidizers and thermal oxidizers. Cycle Therm is a world-class company that designs manufactures and also installs high quality regenerative thermal oxidizers (also known as RTOs) for the destruction of HAPs, VOCs and odorous emissions.

A thermal oxidizer works on the principle of combustion and uses the extremely high temperatures that are produced by the combustion in order to effectively break down hazardous gases into very clean air for discharge. thermal oxidizers are typically of two categories (based on their heat recovery methods) - The regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and the recuperative thermal oxidizer.

The recuperative thermal oxidizer uses an integrated traditional heat exchanger, simply known as the "primary heat exchanger". It uses this as its heat recovery system; the recovered heat is then used in order to pre-heat the incoming exhaust gas stream. An additional heat exchanger also known as "secondary exchanger" is incorporated in the flow behind the primary exchanger which is also used to heat another fluid that is used in the process - but the additional secondary heat exchanger is only used in some cases.

The regenerative thermal oxidizer is known to use a set of ceramic heat transfer beds in order to effectively carryout its heat recovery functions. Apart from being much more durable and also providing a much longer usage lifespan in comparison to the heat exchangers that are used in the recuperative thermal oxidizers, the ceramic beds are also known to offer improved thermal efficiency. You also need to know that the thermal efficiency of the RTO is about 90 to 95 percent, in comparison to the 50 to 75 percent that is offered by the recuperative thermal oxidizers. Because of the increase in thermal efficiency provided by regenerative thermal oxidizers, this will of course lead to energy saving and also reduced operational costs.

Wouldn't you rather choose a thermal oxidizer that would save you loads of cash and energy? Cycle Therm's current regenerative thermal oxidizer is the result of more than three decades of discovery and experience in RTO technology. It symbolizes Cycle Therm's operating philosophy to effectively maintain design and of course reliability in the performance.

Here are the industries that are served by Cycle Therm: " Flexible packing " Adhesive coating " Bakeries - food processing " Aerospace painting " Flexographic printing " Air strippers " Chemical processing " Automotive " Composites/fibreglass " Graphic arts " Tape coating " Treating/laminating " Soil remediation " Paint finishing " Pulp and paper processing " Metal decorating (coating) " Spray remediation " Pharmaceuticals " Rotogravure printing " Microelectronics " Plastics/expanded foam




Case Study: Titleist Golf Balls (PDF)
Titleist wanted to implement air correction systems for their golf ball paint and finish production lines in Massachusetts. See why they chose Cycle Therm.

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